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  • I did a thing recently. As some of you may know, apps like Shapr and Bumble Bizz are ~reinventing~ networking, so of course I had to try one of them out. Mind you, the whole Tindr boom sort of went over my head because I met my partner a few years before it launched but after playing with Shapr for a few weeks, I definitely see the appeal. Anyway, I met up with my first Shapr "date" the other week and we hit it off right away! It's pretty exciting, if you think about it, to meet someone who shares your interests and views on the ~industry~ just by clicking through an app while your lounging on the couch or stuck on the train on your way to work. In moments like this, I loooove tech!
So, long story short, it's a tentative thumbs up for Shapr from me, tentative only because I had to swipe left on an awful lot of tech / consultant bros before I found even one decent match :)
Do you network? How do you do it? Do you love it/hate it/don't care for it?
PS: ICYMI there's a bunch of new stuff on the blog, including some exciting news about a newsletter I'm launching next month! Go check it out, link in bio ^
  • I will always associate New York with energy, ambition and passion. I sort of stumbled through life until I moved there. I was NOT an ambitious child nor did I have a sense of what I wanted to do. Then, at 18, by some wild twist of luck, I moved to New York, and everything changed. This city lit a fire in me I didn't know I could hold.
2017 was pretty rubbish so this year is my ~get my shit together~ year. It's not been easy, there are still days when I struggle to get out of bed, and days when I am all of a sudden *mortified* by the choices I'm making. But I'm working through it. Feel the fear and do it anyway, right? And going to New York last month helped immensely. Just having the time to walk the streets, reconnect with people, and take in the city's energy recharged me and gave me the headspace I needed to process some major changes happening at the time. A month later, and the fire is burning strong and steady.
Find yourself a place that changes you, charges you up, gives you the drive to go on and to aim higher. And then go back to it whenever you feel off. It's worth it, I promise.
  • I'm in full-on editing mode for the brand new episode of #MeaningfulPodcast but thought I'd quickly jump on here to remind you that yesterday was Wednesday, which means there's a new post on the blog! 👀  This week I'm talking about the IMPACT of our work as humanitarians, development workers, social entrepreneurs, and whichever other role we might take up in the social sector. The thing is, it's been proven time and again that our good intentions are not enough, and we have got to get more critical, more political and more aware to truly #donoharm with our actions. Link in bio for the full post. 
Ps: check out the sweet cover graphic I made!!! I can't illustrate every post but one of my goals is to do more cover art myself 🙂
  • Pheew! Don't know about you but my 2018 so far has been one massive rollercoaster. Several major trips, mountains of work, oh, and did I mention that I registered my own company? 
That last bit whipped my ass into action like nothing else. Being self-employed was fairly tricky but I must admit, I did slack off on many fronts, like actively looking for new clients and keeping on top of my accounting. I got *comfortable* , which is pretty much the worst! But now, the stakes are higher and that suffocating comfort is all but gone. My success fully depends on the effort I put in, and there's no way I'm wiggling out of that one.

So here's what's cooking. If you're looking for an awesome, innovative researcher to deliver high-quality work within ridiculously tight deadlines - I'm your gal :) I'm taking commissions for projects on humanitarian and development aid, social change, social impact, and design thinking for social good. My website is undergoing an oh-so-exciting facelift 🔜 #wts. There will be a new blog post up every Wednesday evening (UK time), and TWO new podcast episodes per month. I'm a goddamn one woman band and I bloody ♥️ it!
  • Lately I've been thinking about sustainability in a more general sense of the word. Is my work sustainable? Are my relationships sustainable? Is my life - with a *very* corny capital L - sustainable?
I discovered the #slowliving movement not so long ago and immediately fell in love with it. I am so TIRED of the rush and the pressure to get somewhere, gain something, no matter the cost... That approach to living is not sustainable, and slow living is like a way out, an alternative way of ~being~ in the world.
Still, I can't help feeling a bit out of the loop, as so many people in the slow living community seem to be based far out in the countryside. And I'm not... Surely there should be a city-focused version of the slow living philosophy, so that people can share and connect in surviving the often-brutal urban landscapes, with their rushing masses, pollution and minimal green space?
If you live in a city, how do you keep yourself together? What grounds you? What helps you feel balanced? Share all your tips and tricks with me - I neeeeed them!
  • I couldn't bring myself to crop this shot so here's an early evening Trinidad street in all its mellow, colourful glory 💕 Here's to a warmer week with more sun and laughter! Let's wish that elusive British spring back into existence 🌻

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